Boarding house

NIS Boarding is truly a home away from home for all our students. Situated just a few metres away from our Senior and Middle campus, this spacious home offers everything and more that students require.

The matron in charge and a stay in teacher ensures that their pastoral, spiritual and academic needs are catered for.

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Weekends are slightly different as the boarders are mostly at home.
DSC_0247_editedWeekly boarders go home on Friday evenings and return on Sunday evenings.
Termly boarders stay in and are allowed once a month outing to a shopping mall of their choice or for cinema chaperoned by the matron.
A vehicle is available to go to church on Sundays for those who would like to attend service either at St. Austin’s parish or at Lavington united church.


All boarders are expected to have medical insurance and parents are to ensure that they pay for the scheme suggested by the school.
Here at NIS boarding, students are expected to treat each other with mutual respect and integrity just as they would in their homes.
DSC_0244At no given time will students be allowed to bring in any contraband substance such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or vape. If found in possession of any of these at any given time, the concerned student will be expelled without any further explanation.
Laundry and cleaning of the rooms are done daily by the housekeeping staff and the matron ensures that the house is kept in pristine condition at all times.
At the boarding house, students can concentrate and dedicate their time solely for studies away from all the humdrum of the normal city lives.
Their free time can be spent watching TV, playing board and other games or even just reading for leisure, sitting in the lush gardens.
Being a boarder means that one saves on the time of travel, have no other chores to attend to but study and it also helps one participate more in all the extra curricular activities offered at the school. It makes students independent while coexisting with others and is the best practice for the future university lives that they will embark upon.
This is where truly tomorrow begins….!!!