CATSI is the acronym for CANCER AWARENESS AND TREATMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVE, launched by Nairobi International School, based on OUR belief of ‘GIVING BACK’- one of the seven guiding principles the school is founded on.


To start with, the statistics on CANCER are spine- chilling, shocking and yet very often downplayed or ignored.
  • The common notion in developing countries is that CANCER is the disease of the rich or that it belongs to the developed world.
  • The fact that about 5 million people die of CANCER each year in developing countries. In the year 2000, estimate suggests that 600,000 people died of CANCER in Sub Saharan Africa alone.
  • A staggering 600 new cases of CANCER is reported each year in a single hospital in Kenya.
  • In developing countries, health services are struggling with population increases, underfunding, H.I.V pandemic and natural diseases. Hence health care for the dying have low priority compared to preventive and curative services.
  • Poverty struck patients find it difficult to raise the funds required for medication and fees needed for CANCER interventions, particularly CHEMOTHERAPY, RADIOTHERAPY and
  • Governments are hesitant to channel funds towards improving the resources for CANCER treatment. Surveys show we have very few RADIATION machines in this country for a population our size

CATSI’s Objectives

  • To create awareness amongst the multitude in Kenya, about this fatal disease.
  • To create support for the provision and maintenance of radiation therapy machines in all provinces in Kenya.

What have we done?

  • All proceeds from school events, go towards CATSI
  • We have tied up with Faraja Cancer Care and their Chief Oncologist; DR Vijay Narain, and Radiologist Alison Welton
  • We refer needy patients to Dr Narain, who does his first consultation FREE of charge, and sends the patients for treatment and invoices us later.
A variety of fundraisers have included:
• Flash Mob Arts Festival
• Valentine’s Dinner
• Dreamgirls
• Simba
• Scrooge
• Fusion Temptation
• House of Pharoah

Patients we have treated:
• Dorcas Kimbwarata (2011)
• Patrick Mwangagi (2012)
• Mrs Ashiundi (2013)
• Carren Aatieno (2013)
• Jane Francis (2014)